Christmas Bow GiveAway!!


We are doing another giveaway! The winner will receive 4 randomly selected Christmas bows! 🎄 Some are not even released in the shop yet! The clock starts at the end of this post. Here are the details and rules:

1⃣ you have 48 hours to enter this giveaway

2⃣ like this post

3⃣ follow @charmingandchicbowtique on Instagram

4⃣comment below and tag 5 of your friends

5⃣ the drawing will occur in Friday at 12 PM MST and we will announce the winner 🎉. Good Luck!

Thank you for following us and supporting us as this business blossoms! 🌷 Comment, tag, share….

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Grand Opening!


Ok everyone, this is truly an exciting day for us- it is our small, but wonderful Bowtique’s grand opening! As you know from following my progress, this shop has been several months and weeks in the making. With our shop celebrating its grand opening, we are offering free shipping on all orders starting now and ending Saturday. We will be offering a lot more promotions over the next several days also, so please stay tuned and spread the word. Now we are able to reveal even more products, meaning variety for you, and showcasing our discounted and handmade with love products. Please take some time and stop by:

Make today a fabulous day and thank you for your continued prayers, support and encouragement through every single step of this process.



We are entering into Labor Day Weekend and there is a certain appeal of saying “Au Revoir” to summer and “Bonjour Fall!” Our e-store is doing our very first promotion event for this holiday weekend. The sale starts today with discounted summer items, some new fall items and great savings. We want you to take full advantage of this sale and let us know what you think of our new trial of a Fall Mystery Assortment.

DSC_0212This is a new idea we want to hear your input on. These assortments are $10.00 and will include 5 of our bows in both fabric and ribbon and all sizes. If this is a product you like and would like to see more of, we want to hear from you! Please stop by today and get your weekend “retail therapy” in gear.


Enter PROMO CODE: BOWSGALORE for 20% off your $20.00 purchase. You can also get free shipping on orders over $30.00, by entering PROMO CODE: FREESHIP. Sale ends Monday at 11:59PM MST.

Please visit:

Baby Steps

Many people who have known me for years know that I have many of my dad’s personality traits. I’m outgoing like him and I enjoy being social and getting to know people. One of my dad’s traits that was a mastered art for him was sales, and he had a very innate entrepreneurial spirit. He knew and understood people and he had great insight that he shared with me. Today, I am going to reflect about some things I have tried down through the years and talk a bit about how excited I am that in a few short months this business will have its “Grand Opening.” Almost three years ago I really got bit by the cupcake bug. I began trying new recipes and creating amazing and delicious cupcakes for not only my family, but for coworkers and friends. I of course, made the “traditional” flavored cupcakes, but played with more gourmet flavors like lavender with honey and cherry almond vanilla or lemon drop cupcakes- these are just to name a few. I had many willing volunteers to try these creations and it was just such fun making them and icing them. My little “cupcake catering” actually did quite well, and I had received good orders and had a great clientele. Once I found out I was expecting Emelie and life literally went into overdrive, my business fizzled and so did the cupcakes. I am not sure I did all the things I probably should have done to be successful. My dream was to eventually open up my own little bakery, but having enough liquid assets on hand is not the easiest and certainly not for everyone. I do feel like it was an opened door from God, which He later closed. I have been anxious to be a business owner and finding something I am passionate about. Being a stay at home mom, it is important for me to help support the household and spend ample time raising Emelie. Obviously, I am a passionate follower of Christ and a family gal with a clear crafty spirit. Building this bow business has been one adventure that has been in thought, on paper, and is finally becoming a REAL dream that is coming true. I may not be the savviest entrepreneur, knowing every single aspect of business management, but I have all the resources at my disposal. I have completely put this entire business in God’s hands and I know He will bless this incredible venture. I have so much energy and excitement to know that in less than 15 weeks, I will be able to showcase my hard work and share it with you. Every single bow I make and the helpers I have, craft each item with love and thoughtfulness. I know this is all going to be baby steps being an at-home business owner, but I am happy, and I know I am building my network with amazing readers like you, and you can get to know me and what I am all about. Are you a business owner or have you ever thought about having your own business? What ideas and insight can you share with me? Thank you for reading today and I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts with you again soon. Make it a blessed day!

Bows, Bows and MORE BOWS!

IMG_8584 IMG_8585

Hello everyone! As I have mentioned in my original post, I am building my blog and a network to aid in the marketing of my blossoming business venture. I have allowed myself six months to build my inventory, and get all of my ducks in a line in hopes to build a successful home-based business. Since I am a happy crafty gal, with a beyond adorable and girlie little girl- I have opted to make a bow-tique! I must admit, buying fabric and gathering business supplies has been very fun. Obviously it took a few failure items to make a durable and cute product, but I am definitely in the full-throttle headway into building a good inventory to photograph and prepare to sell. I am using Emelie to wear my initial “trial” items to test the durability. I also have a few close friends to test out the bows too. Emelie is a great guinea pig and gets oh so excited to see what colors she gets to model for me. My amazing sister has designed an adorable logo and I feel as though this six months is going to literally fly by! Now obviously I have a few more hurdles to cross, but I am confident this is going to be a blessed and successful venture. My grand opening of my online shop will be October 1st and I am looking forward to sharing “teasers” with you along the way. Another cool thing about planning six months away, this gives me full excitement and anticipation of holiday fabrics. You will soon learn from me, I am a holiday fan-atic, specifically Christmas! I can single-handedly drive Craig, the hubs, nuts playing Christmas carols in the middle of summer and I honestly believe ALL Christmas movies can be watched year round! The season is filled with such joy, music and delicious culinary treats. So many things to look forward to! Anywho, it is just nice to share some of my excitement about this business as I continue to make more progress and I begin seeing the fruits of my labor. Thank you for reading today and I look forward to reading your comments and feedback- please let me know what you think of these! I will be posting again within the next several days. Make it a fabulously blessed day!