Chocolate Lover

Hi everyone! It has been entirely too long since posting anything from my world and today seemed like the perfect day to spend a few moments with you. The last several weeks have been a whirl-wind to say the very least and somewhat of an emotional roller coaster as we passed the anniversaries of my dad’s stroke and his passing as well as major holidays. These things have all been good and growth spiritually has definitely come as well as renewed mindsets and healing on some levels.I do realize this is all a lifelong process, but we are doing our best to march forward and focus on Jesus.

It is snowing locally today and with the weather the way it is, I have been reminiscing about days I have spent similar to this one. I definitely enjoy a cloudy day and with the soft peaceful snowflakes falling from the sky, it is perfect! Living here, snow is a distant visitor and never stays too long or as long as I would enjoy, so I welcome this weather with open arms. I have made a cup of tea and thought I would share a story with you today.

Alright, how many chocolate loving readers do I have? From white to dark and everything in between, there is definitely a little cocoa out there for everyone. Aside from the actual food, chocolate, I have a chocolate baby- Coco Chanel. In 2011, as a family (minus my husband) so really just my parents and I, really wanted a puppy. Our neighbor had friends with a chocolate lab we met and we were immediately smitten. We have never owned a lab, so I started doing some online research and looked around the state for breeders. We were in late November approaching the holidays and I spoke with numerous breeders on the phone looking for a chocolate lab. Why chocolate? Why not yellow or black? Well, yellow and black labs are almost a dime a dozen and the chocolate labs are gorgeous! I finally stumbled across a very sweet man who had 9 lab puppies ready for adoption. At this point in time, it was maybe a day or at the most two days after Christmas. I told this man that I wanted to come out and look at these puppies. I explained to Craig, we were just going to “Look,” nothing more. He was reluctant to believe my alleged “looking,” can you believe the gall? So, this breeder is located about 3.5 hours away from my city, so it was easily a 7 hour drive round trip. SO, picture it, December 28, 2011, my parents and I were thrilled to embark on this journey together. (Sadly, Craig was working that day, with no desire to take the day off. For one- the man hates any form of a road trip, and for some odd reason, did not have any interest in getting another animal because we didn’t “need” one). SO back to our journey, there was snow along the way and the car jams were perfect. We get to this small town and due to its remote location, we were advised once we saw and passed the Post Office, we would lose all cell service; so he asked us to give him a call once we were at the Post Office. We arrived at his address there was no house to be seen. We were immediately greeted by a John Deer tractor and the sweetest elderly gentleman we could have ever imagined to meet. We had to take a ride in the tractor up this massive iced over hill to reach his home and look at these puppies. The dirt road was super slick and there was a definite frost in the air to say the least. Once we reached the top of the hill and saw his home, he opened a garage door just off the house and nearly a dozen little puppies come stumbling out the door! In this litter there were 8 chocolate labs and one yellow. I believe all but 2 or 3 were females. My parents and I were in awe! How do you pick one? So, we each pick up a warm little pup and start looking at them. My mom, she is fairly predictable, always goes for the smallest animal in any litter. My dad just scooped one up and I picked up one that had the longest eyelashes I have ever seen! The breeder’s wife invited us to bring our three puppies in the house to set them down and get to know them and play with them before we made our decision. We sat down in their living room and began watching these three puppies. Immediately the smallest puppy my mom had, started chewing on my dad’s pants and anything else she could find. So we ultimately eliminated her. We had it down to two- after much deliberation and realizing we didn’t need two dogs, we opted for the girliest and sweetest love- the one with the longest eyelashes and the prettiest coat of fur. The breeder gave her her shots and gave us her AKC papers. We got to see and meet her parents, which were really sweet and this was the second and last litter her mother had given birth to. The breeder gave us a ride down the icy hill to our car and our journey home began. We threw many names out for this little puppy, but Coco Chanel, was by far the most perfect. She slept most of the way home and the smell of puppy and puppy breath was intoxicating! I know many people hate puppy breath, but I am a sucker- to me, it is wonderful!


Once we arrived home, Craig was home and was not surprised after 7 hours of driving we came home with a dog. He held her and played with her, realizing, she was actually kind of cute. Since that day, Coco has us wrapped around her little paw.

Brisbin Melissa IMG_1801



She attended all three obedience training courses at Petsmart and was on the list to become a PTSD service dog for my dad before he passed away. I realize I am biased, but she is perfect and I consider her my first child and Emie’s older sister. Craig swears other children will make fun of Emie if she tells them her older sister is a chocolate lab. I disagree! I even told Craig, if we ever get the urge to have another child, I would get a puppy- hands down! Now that we have a Labrador, I cannot imagine my life without one- they’re wonderful!



Thanks for reading today, make it a wonderful day and if you have a four legged furry child- give them extra smoochies today! I know I will be smooching on my babies too- as usual!

Brisbon-Sommer, Marissa 1120

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