City Homesteading?


So is it possible to live in the city and be a homesteader? I can honestly say since we have purchased chickens my entire outlook has changed on how I want to live my life. Last year we not only got the chickens, but also decided to stop buying breads in the stores and make our own. I was honestly amazed at the amount of money we saved the very first month by making our own bread. We have come across a sandwich bread recipe of which I am happy to share with you. We also make any other bread products we need. It probably sounds excessive, but each month we use a 25 pound bag of flour between baking and cooking. We do not even eat that much bread in our family, but with Emelie she adores peanut butter toast and so having bread is essential. Our sandwich bread recipe is awesome because I can make up to 4 loaves at a time and freeze them. We have started shopping more farmers’ markets and we are eating a significant amount of fresher and healthier things. Keep in mind, when I first met Craig, the man would not touch a salad with a ten foot pole, but he has since learned to eat them and there are so many possibilities to make a salad delicious and satisfying. Not only as a family, but personally for me, I just feel better eating cleaner without all of the processed foods and preservatives. We are ultra particular about the meat we buy and have become spoiled with grass fed beef. We are hoping to eventually share a cow with someone and have a freezer full of delicious meat. We rarely go out to eat and are even less likely to eat fast food.  I personally cannot justify the cost of the food out, but it’s so filled with empty nonsense with minimal nutritional value. Now, honestly, I will not deprive myself if I want something utterly delicious and decadent, but I have come across so many recipes, I can make what I want from scratch. We have decided to build a planter box to plant some vegetables at home. We have never had the greenest of thumbs, so these plants are definitely being planted with prayers, crossed fingers, and highest of hopes they blossom and grow. Browsing on Pinterest and doing a little research we opted to try and plant some beets. There is nothing yummier than an oven roasted beet on a fresh salad.


According to some research, beets are able to be grown nearly year round and so we have purchased three varieties; I must say, this is exciting and something to look forward to. In the midst of shopping for seedlings, I came across a large variety of pumpkins to grow and cook with, and even though I am not the largest pumpkin fan when it comes to baked goods; I am getting better. I found seeds to grow some blue pumpkins! I figured it would be excellent to grow some pumpkins with the other veggies we are trying to grow and now is the perfect time to attempt any hopes of having an established plant from seeds within a few months. My mom and I have laughed with Craig that honestly he shouldn’t be surprised if he comes home from work one day and we have a little nanny goat on the back patio. Who doesn’t want fresh goat milk from home? Needless to say, I realize I am not allowed to have a goat, but it is utterly hilarious to pick on this man. I just want to do so much more as far as homesteading is concerned. It is a new energy of fun things I want to try and see where it goes. Are you a homesteader? Is it possible to be a homesteader in the city? Share your experiences with me, I am eager to read your insight. Make it a fabulous Friday!