Horses and Cows and Sheeps OH MY!


Hello Everyone! I have been pretty awful about keeping up the last several weeks. I cannot tell you how often I think about writing to you and sharing parts of my day with you. This past week we had a fun family outing with the opportunity to visit our local state fair. We opted to go on dollar day and it was honestly the best $3 spent all month! Walking into the gates the smell of sweets, fried food and grilling filled the air. You could hear the laughter and music from several families and groups of people. Craig was immediately smitten with a large diesel truck that was available to enter and win. He has high hopes one day he will win of these trucks. I do not share the same admiration for these vehicles, but it definitely aids his daydreaming. I humored him briefly as he entered to win and I know he is keeping his fingers crossed. We headed toward the 4H barn, which for those of you unfamiliar with a 4H barn, it is primarily for youth and children. DSC_0393-2DSC_0370 I will be completely honest, I truly adore this barn and seeing all the baby animals to pet. From a litter of chocolate lab puppies to a six week old baby calf, Emie and I were completely smitten! DSC_0372-2There were baby chicks, a pony, and goats with several other animals in between.DSC_0472 From the 4H barn, we headed to the horse stables to look at the horses. The stables were relatively empty as most of the horses were across from the stables in the arena competing. We walked to the arena and watched the horses ride around. They are such gorgeous animals. We went from the arena to the Dairy Barn and I can honestly say, the Dairy Barn is my most favorite place at the fair.


That evening all of the steer where getting freshly washed, blow dried and brushed for competition. The equipment used to get these animals looking their very best is extensive. I adore cows! The fact they were freshly cleaned, made them even more inviting! I could pet them, let them lick us and have wonderful times giving them extra lovies. The farmers for these steer were so friendly and informative. What I find most impressive is the young people who work hard on the families’ ranches and play a major role in how the animals are cared for. I learned so much from them, and honestly, they inspire me to go and buy land and fill it with livestock and animals! They would tell us about the breeds, ages, names, or anything else you could possibly imagine! Many of the steer were competing to be sold. DSC_0457The hard part of any conversation about the steer is that if they are sold at the fair they would be taken to slaughter and if not sold they would be going home to eventually be slaughtered. It’s so hard to be so drawn to an animal that ultimately is used for food. I would venture to say we spent an hour in the Dairy Barn!


From there we headed back to the horse stables since the horses were out of the arena. We were happily petting and feeding these large and gentle animals. We were able to speak again with different ranchers and owners of the horses and learn about the competition they would be doing in the coming days. I find it entertaining and informative to learn so much about all these different animals. Emie was thrilled to pick up large handfuls of hay and feed the horses! DSC_0481She also loved their ticklish whiskers and warm breath coming out of their noses. By the time we were done with the horses, the night was over! DSC_0531-2Things were closing down and we were headed back to the car. We were able to walk through various vendors and watch some of the rides in the Midway. I would say one of my favorite rides to see at night would be Ferris Wheels. I am beyond frightful of heights so getting on most, if any, rides is impossible for me. However, I do enjoy watching others riding! I am hoping Emie has inherited a bravery gene and will show her mommy how things are done. I hope you have enjoyed reading my fair stories today. Thank you for stopping and I’m hoping your day is absolutely fabulous!

Long Weekend

Post Labor Day weekend greetings to my faithful readers. This weekend was really nice, much needed and greatly appreciated. First off, the Bowtique did its first sale with promotion to test the waters prior to the Grand Opening on October 1st. The sale was a complete success and gave us more exposure and that is always good! Looking forward to more business and satisfied customers. As we grow closer to more of the holidays, things are only going to get more exciting and this past weekend was a terrific start!

Additionally, is anyone else eager for fall? I must ask, because to me, Labor Day is the ultimate kick off to fall and all the fall decorations. I am somewhat reminded of one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail, in the beginning when Joe and Kathleen are first communicating via email. I remember them chatting about loving fall in New York City, and the great things the season brings. Having fall approaching has making Joe wanting to buy school supplies and he says that if he knew Kathleen personally, he would send her a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. Many of the comments they share in their messages I completely relate to. I suppose I do rely on a lot of movie content in my life and I do incorporate it into my daily life. My point to this aside is, I’m ready for fall! Now that school is in session (even though I do not have a school age child) there are many things to look forward to in the coming weeks and I feel like Labor Day helps pave the way for it all!

As a family we did decorate this weekend for Fall/Halloween. We didn’t do any outdoor décor yet, but we put out some fall leaves, pumpkins and put up some lights. I even picked up a new candle at one of my favorite stores for fall. It is called “Sweater Weather,” and it is delightful to say the least. I lit the candle over the weekend and it is just wonderful. There is a certain warmth and comfort that comes with all of these sights and smells.

We also made it a point to purposefully rest this weekend. Over the last several weeks we have definitely been spread thin and our immune systems were not quite up to par. There have been many working hours- more than usual, the excitement of a brief weekend getaway to visit Kellie, Brett and Riley and everything else in between. Needless to say, we needed some sleep-in and down-time relaxation. We were able to sit outside for brunches and dinner and enjoy the beautiful days and nights in the yard. On Monday evening we had a special treat to eat outside under the canopy while it was raining. The smell of fresh rain and listening to it fall while eating was amazing. The food definitely tasted more amazing! Although there was a certain amount of daily “to-dos” and such it was nice to not have the typical strict agenda and to enjoy one another.

Chatting with Mom off and on we were reminded about how much we enjoy baking many of our “fall-favorite” goodies and we put those on our list of yummies to eat and bake. I am looking forward to sharing some of our favorites with you! Our local state fair is also coming to town this week for a couple of weeks so we were talking about taking Emie again this year. You can count on exciting stories from that journey too!

Well, I am going to sign off for today. I would love to hear about your long weekend and what you are most looking forward to this fall. Thank you for coming by and reading today. I look forward to visiting with you again soon! Make today a wonderful day with renewed minds and spirits- we serve such an awesome God and He blesses us with new opportunities to better serve Him each day.



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