Mother Nose Best?


Is it normal as children to progressively have role reversal with our parents once we are adults? As much as I tell myself I am not parental, I AM! I definitely realized this once I had Emelie. I was at home with her and Dad all day and I ultimately began caring for my dad much as I do for Emie. It was great! When I would make Emie food, I made sure Dad ate and took his pills. If we were out running errands, I would make sure Dad and Emie got a treat- (Dad’s weakness was the mozzarella sticks from Sonic) and it was fabulous to take care of him too. He certainly enjoyed the attention and as time went by I would give Dad mani/pedis and trim his sideburns and eyebrows between haircuts with his hairdresser. My dad loved Cary Grant, so he always made sure he had the hair and the clean cut appearance. My dad was also a veteran- (Thank you for all of you who serve our country and fight for our freedom) and police officer so being clean-cut was essential. Aside from pampering Dad, I have definitely been more parental with my mom. I make sure she has her cell phone with her and that she checks in with me to let me know she is safe. Honestly, she is an adult, and can care for herself independently, why am I such a nervous nelly? I guess my mother instincts are just in overdrive! Anywho, since my dad passed away, my mom has found a wonderful receptionist position at a travel agency close to the house. She was working in the afternoon and a file drawer slipped and hit her in the nose! She called me and was concerned she may have broken her nose. Of course I reply with the typical questions, “Are you OK? Did you tell your supervisor?” etc…. she explains that she didn’t tell anyone and she felt silly, but her nose was bleeding and she didn’t realize it until it was pointed out by a co-worker. Once she came home, I told her we needed to go to urgent care and at least have her looked at to be sure her nose isn’t broken. I have definitely started channeling my inner “Dad” and ask her, “What would Dad do?” The woman was completely reluctant! She has a horrible headache, nausea, swollen nose and her eyes are dark…. Is there any other reason she needs to be seen by a medical professional? I literally fought this out for over three hours and at this point the urgent care was already closed. She finally agreed to go to the ER. We go and the nurse and physician were most concerned and were glad she came in to be evaluated. She was treated and released and I certainly felt better, but I’m not the patient. Here we are at home and I am trying to get her to ice her nose and take the anti-inflammatory medications and she wants to work on laundry. Silly lady… do any of you have these similar relationships with your parents? Tell me your stories!