Live, Laugh, Love!

Hello my precious followers of my blog. I apologize for not posting as frequently or as regularly as I would typically like to. I can honestly say over the last serval weeks I have been so excited to build my inventory; it truly has consumed every free moment I have. The positive is, I have a substantial start to my inventory and I know you will be most pleased with my products and variety. There are many new and exciting things happening nearly each day. I try to post pictures to Instagram when I can and I have recently started a Facebook page, so I am hoping you can follow me on those two social media sites too! So many fun and exciting things….

On another fun note, Kellie came down for a long weekend and we could not have had more fun together. She was able to pop down sooner than anticipated to jump start our time together. I’m going to share some of the highlights of our time together if that is alright with you. This was the first time Kellie has come for a visit since Emie was born, when Emie actually could understand and anticipate her and Riley’s arrival to the house.


A little background for those of you who do not personally know Kellie or Riley. She adopted him early last fall and he is the sweetest Dalmatian dog with such a sweet and kind spirit. When she first got him; he was quite timid of everyone and everything. We were fortunate to meet him shortly after Kellie got him and immediately Emie and Riley had a bond unlike any other bond. She was close to two years old, learning and exploring everything as a toddler and he was a timid puppy in a new environment. They were able to explore new things together right from the start from stairs in the house to the backyard. The two of them have become best friends and I know Emie believes Riley is really her dog, he just lives with her Auntie Meme and Uncle Brett.

Back to the weekend, we had ordered takeout pizza that night and on our way to pick it up, we had to stop at the store to pick up a few items. When I say a few items, I am serious, but for Kellie, she loves Emie so much she always is thinking of her and getting her pretty clothes and the coolest toys on the market. On this outing, Kellie found Emie an electric moped with Elsa and Anna on it from the Frozen movie. As Emie’s mother, I am confident in saying Emie did not need this toy, but it was something Kellie wanted to do, and I am so glad she did. Once we got home and ate dinner the three of us were able to sit down and put the moped together. Kellie turned on her iPhone music and we were jamming to “old school” music from the 90’s. There is just something about some of the songs we used to listen to growing up from the Cranberries to Dave Matthews Band, we were able to dance and sing with Emie and had a wonderful evening. The moped needed to charge for a while before Emie could actually ride it so the hard part was the waiting. We waited a little over an hour and we figured it was enough charge for her to ride it around the living room a few times. Emie got on and rode around some, but got a little frightened after a few moments and was reluctant to get back on. We worked with her and tried to make it fun and laughed with her and before we knew it, she truly had the hang of it! We let the moped charge overnight and eagerly awaited the next day to ride the moped on the sidewalk outside!

The next day she rode up and down the sidewalk of the street like a champ! She was so happy, but it was amusing to watch how serious Emie was operating a foreign piece of equipment.

Emie and Moped Emie on Moped Meme and Moped

We had saved some fireworks to do with Kellie when she came home, so one evening we spent lighting off a little bit of everything. I have to be honest though, Kellie and I have fond childhood memories of lighting off smoke bombs and the black snakes. It is just one of those things we did as kids and now we have started it with Emie. She loves to yell out the color of the smoke bomb that has been lit and she says “Hello,” to the snakes as the ashy black snake emerges after being lit. Watching life through the eyes of a child, somehow makes me feel young again sometimes and blesses me to have these special opportunities to share.

Meme and Emie

Of course, there were small errands here and there, but the best quality time was spent in the evenings playing hide and go seek and tickling. We were able to go outside one afternoon and run and dance in the rain together. I cannot remember a time I have danced in the rain before, but I am so glad we did. If you have never danced in the rain, I would certainly add it to your bucket list. We twirled and sang, it was delightful! Watching Kellie with Emie is truly one of the most precious things I have ever seen and saying it warms my heart seems like an understatement. The two of them are so close and Emie adores her Meme.

Also upon Kellie and Riley’s arrival we got an Amazon box with a complete Frozen bedding set for the queen-sized bed in Emie’s room. The transition from the crib to the bed has been looming on the horizon. I really do not have a concrete reason why it has been a long and somewhat reluctant transition on my part. I suppose the obvious answer is, Emie is my baby girl and her leaving her crib is just another one of the many steps she has taken and has yet to take that are making her a big girl who is growing more independent. I remember similar feelings when it was time to move her from her bassinet in our bedroom to the crib. To me, these are huge milestones! Emie has not been sleeping well in her crib over the last several weeks and I have a feeling it was a lack of support in the mattress and the fact that Emie is so tall, she couldn’t move around and sleep as freely and as comfortably as she could be in a “big girl bed.” Anyway, Kellie and Brett thought ahead of me and somehow knew Emie would adore a Frozen bed set and it would definitely encourage a positive transition. Emie’s first night in her new bed was so exciting for her, but with all the long weekend festivities, she was asleep within the first 5 minutes! She was so sleepy, but so happy. It warms my heart to see her excitement and happiness and it is so important for her to have sweet, sweet sleeps.

Frozen Bed

With family time, comes the increased intake of calories. There is more baked goods and treats to buy out that you don’t always get. We went to a local restaurant that is truly a town staple, and probably had one of the funniest experiences. I opted after we ate to go and order some extra food to go for Kellie to eat on the road or to have for dinner when she got home. To my surprise the gentleman at the counter had evidently taken quite an interest in Kellie and I found myself laughing as I was chatting away with him as he took my order. When I went back to our table, my mom and Kellie thought he was flirting with me and to Kellie’s utter shock and amazement, she learned we were talking about her the whole time. The guy at the counter gave her extra food she had not ordered and was quite taken by her beauty, even though I expressed to him she is happily married.

On Kellie’s way home, we opted to drive up and visit Dad and had some extra quality time together before she left. Now we get to plan out next long weekend together and honestly, I cannot wait! Yes we eat too much and get sleep deprived, but it is all worth it for the family you cherish and love so much. Thank you for reading my stories and I hope you enjoy the pictures I have added to this post. Please bear with me as I get my posts back to a regular schedule and sharing more stories and recipes. Love your family members today, whether you see them, call or text them, let at least one family member know how much you love and appreciate them today. Make it a blessed day and I will be posting again soon!

Emie and Meme

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