“Emie Nomination”

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When Emelie was about six months old it was the beginning of summer and I thought it would be a grand idea to buy a kiddie pool. I thought it would be so awesome to have one, merely because I never had one as a kid. I literally sent Craig around town to find the “perfect” one and he brought it home and we filled it up with the hose. Of course, the hose water is definitely chilly and you can guess, Emelie was less than fond of the “ice water” at the ripe age of six months old. Our lab, Coco Chanel, LOVES water and ultimately the pool found its demise with her toenails running and playing in the water.

Early last summer when Emelie was just over 18 months, I saw a hot tub sale at a local retailer. Now for a brief background, my family has had two hot tubs previously and we have not used them as much as they should have been, so we have been reluctant to repeat the past. I told Craig about the hot tub sale and he thought it might be nice to browse and look at the products. Keep in mind, our last hot tub was more than 15 years ago, so a lot has changed in technology and the “bells and whistles” for these things. Craig found one he liked and said he would use it. This tub is like a Cadillac for hot tubs- the pearl lining, lights, lots of seats, the works! Right up Craig’s alley, he is a man of luxury by nature and there are plenty more stories behind that, but I will try my best to stay somewhat on topic today, My mom, mentioned a great additional selling point for this hot tub: she said if we got one, it would be like a swimming pool for Emelie and she would not only learn how to swim, but the water would be nice and warm for practice- year round! So last summer we got the hot tub and Emelie LOVED it! She would swim and jump in the water without a care in the world. As we approached the autumn months, it was getting cool and of course the flu bugs off and on as well as the holidays so needless to say, the hot tub was getting minimal use. Craig would sit in it occasionally after work to relax, but that was about 30 minutes 2-3 times a month.

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Once it started getting warm this year, I was anxiously looking for a nice afternoon to let Emie get in the hot tub to swim. I put her in for the first time about 3 weeks ago. This child was absolutely hysterical and upset. She was shaking and crying with fear. This girl bathes daily and adores water, so I am unsure where this fear is coming from. Additionally speaking and somewhat off topic, I repeatedly take Emelie to the park to swing and last year she adored the swings and would sit there for an hour going back and forth. The same with going down the slides. This year, she shakes and cries and has started making the most horrific face, which to an outsider, may be somewhat terrifying. Literally the left side of her face draws down and the child looks like she has had a stroke. She literally forces left sided paralysis. It would be one thing if she was suffering, but this drama is a bit over the top. I question at times if she is looking for an “Emie” nomination, I suppose I should look at her and say, “….and the Emie goes to…..” Unfortunately a hemorrhagic stroke was what my dad suffered from and why he passed away so suddenly, so watching Emelie make this face is quite unacceptable. My mom and I continue to tell her to stop making the “stroke face” because her Papa had a stroke and it is not funny and should not be taken lightly. Back to the hot tub, it is a continuous battle. She wants to get in ALL the time! Once she gets in, it is the same shaking and crying routine. She has few moments when she will smile in the water, and I am hoping it is only going to get better from here. I would understand these “fears” if she had suffered a traumatic event, but I am truly puzzled.

Any ideas of insight from you all? Thanks for reading today and I look forward to getting back with you sooner rather than later!

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