image22Does anyone else have a toddler who is reluctant to listen? My sweetness is definitely trying to see just how far she can push the limits these days. So many of my close friends who are also parents laugh about the “terrible twos”; perhaps this is what I am going through with Emie. It seems like over the last six weeks, every time I ask her to stop doing something she is not supposed to do or touch something she is not supposed to touch, she looks up at me and literally yells, “LOVE YOU!” Of course, I reply with the whole, “I love you too,” following with an explanation of why I asked her to stop what she is doing. She is definitely trying to pacify me with love and sweetness for sure. I was on the phone just yesterday and she knew she was doing something she was not supposed to be doing and I looked at her, just a look, and she looked at me and smiled and whispered the words, “love you.” Honestly, discipline is challenging with these little angels. They can be doing the worst thing like eating dirt and be so adorable all at the same time. I can say with certainty Emelie has yet to taste dirt, but I am sure the day will come! My mom often says with my sister and I when we were two, we were easy- it was when we turned three we got more manipulative and pushed the limits. I am hoping once Emelie turns three in November, we will be turning over a new leaf. Fingers crossed! If you have precious littles, please share some of your stories and experiences with me. I would love to read them! Make it a blessed day everyone and if you have a baby, toddler, child or pet-child, scoop them up and smooch them!