Happy Father’s Day!


This Father’s Day is especially challenging simply because it is the first one without my dad. As I have mentioned, he went to live with Jesus a few short months ago. There has not been a single day since he left this world I have not thought about him or missed him. Now a little bit about my dad- he was a retired police officer and former MP in the US Army during the Vietnam War. He certainly was intimidating to the boys, but there was no greater hero in the eyes of Kellie and I. I remember in middle school he was a special speaker about the Vietnam War in one of my history classes and he always was there for us with whatever we needed.

DSC00223He was not a man who was materialistic. He had a passion for people, getting them saved to serve Jesus and he helped as many fellow veterans as possible. He loved the Lord and had so many wonderful experiences with Him. As long as I can remember, each evening Dad would sit in bed every night and say his prayers and read the Word for at least an hour. He was an amazing prayer warrior and saw many works and answers to many prayers through the years. He was an on fire solider for Christ, and honestly, I see it more now than ever before. His relationship with Jesus is so inspiring to me and he always wanted to share Jesus with everyone. I want to be like him!

Although I have always been a “Mommy’s girl,” I am also a “Daddy’s girl” too. I remember being a little girl, laughing and playing in the house with Kellie and Dad, doing all the things “we shouldn’t do.” Dad could always be the “big kid” and did all the great impersonations and make us laugh. I think back to when I was getting ready to graduate high school and at my ceremony my Dad got to put my cap and gown on me for the “robing” ceremony. I have pictures from that evening and he looked so happy and proud. I went on to college and Dad took an active role in supporting me and learning what I was learning. I think as I entered adulthood Dad and I really became closer and were able to go and play and have happy memories together- it was just different somehow than when I was a little girl. On my wedding day, he cried with me before the ceremony and gave me such a loving sweet hug I will always remember.

  IMG_6466When I was expecting Emie, Dad’s whole life perspective changed. He was so concerned and caring and excited there are not enough words to adequately describe them. There were times I had OB appointments that my mom nor Craig could attend, but Dad was right there by my side, reassuring me. Watching my dad with Emie warmed my heart in ways I am overwhelmed and speechless. He would read sweet stories to her in his chair and watch TV shows like Charlie Brown and Little Nut Brown Hare, as well as many other precious shows. He became an even softer man once Emie came into our lives and there was not one day they spent where they didn’t see or speak to one another.

Brisbon-Sommer, Marissa 1223I can still very much sense his presence and I feel as though it is because he will forever live in my heart. I am so blessed to have such an amazing man who was a      wonderful example to Kellie, me and to Emie. I pray he stays alive in Emie’s heart for the rest of her life. If you are reading this post and your dad is still alive on this earth, please give him a hug and let him know how much you love him. Happy Father’s Day to our heavenly Father and all of the amazing men out there who impact our lives so greatly.