Days Go By

Coming into the weekend always makes me “dream big” to say the very least. So many possibilities to potentially fill two whole days with. I always have the highest and greatest intentions of getting many things done. Since I am now a Mom, time certainly flies much quicker than it did before. It seems like once I open my eyes, Emie is awake and ready to embark on whatever adventures come our way. It typically leads straight to the kitchen for her to eat her most favorite cereal- Frozen with Elsa and Anna on the box. Little does she realize it is just like Lucky Charms, but with blue and white snowflake marshmallows; it makes her whole world so it is all worthwhile. Once we finish, it’s time for book reading and playtime. She adores reading and books in general. I really wanted her to enjoy reading so this was something I started when she was an infant. My dad, who recently went to live with Jesus was perfect for reading to her. It allowed me to get my house cleaning and errands done and the two of them were able to share ample quality time together. It makes me feels so blessed and grateful my dad and Emie shared so much time together, because she will always have memories and pictures to cherish. Just so you know, my daughter is the only grandchild on my side of the family, so she is extra special. My sister, Kellie, and her husband, Brett, live in Colorado and they are the proud pet parents of a Dalmatian puppy, Riley, and he is wonderful! He is definitely their baby as well as their two kitties- more about my Colorado adventures another time. Back to my daily routines, it’s no more lunchtime and off to nap-land for Emie. I try to take the opportunity to rest at least 30 minutes during her naps. It rarely happens. She sleeps at least two hours each afternoon (I know I am rotten- this child loves her sleep as much as I do!) and I spend the majority of the two hours working, baking or cleaning out the chicken coop (another whole blog or more will be devoted to my egg-cellent hens). Once Emie is awake it’s time to finish up dinner, play some more and get ready for bed. Only to get up and do it all over again! I often laugh with my sister about what my days look like and she tells me she would much rather be at work than do half of the housework and child activities I do on a daily basis. Tell me about your routines, I am excited to hear from my readers. Have a great weekend, thanks for reading again today and I will be back to you early next week!