Bows, Bows and MORE BOWS!

IMG_8584 IMG_8585

Hello everyone! As I have mentioned in my original post, I am building my blog and a network to aid in the marketing of my blossoming business venture. I have allowed myself six months to build my inventory, and get all of my ducks in a line in hopes to build a successful home-based business. Since I am a happy crafty gal, with a beyond adorable and girlie little girl- I have opted to make a bow-tique! I must admit, buying fabric and gathering business supplies has been very fun. Obviously it took a few failure items to make a durable and cute product, but I am definitely in the full-throttle headway into building a good inventory to photograph and prepare to sell. I am using Emelie to wear my initial “trial” items to test the durability. I also have a few close friends to test out the bows too. Emelie is a great guinea pig and gets oh so excited to see what colors she gets to model for me. My amazing sister has designed an adorable logo and I feel as though this six months is going to literally fly by! Now obviously I have a few more hurdles to cross, but I am confident this is going to be a blessed and successful venture. My grand opening of my online shop will be October 1st and I am looking forward to sharing “teasers” with you along the way. Another cool thing about planning six months away, this gives me full excitement and anticipation of holiday fabrics. You will soon learn from me, I am a holiday fan-atic, specifically Christmas! I can single-handedly drive Craig, the hubs, nuts playing Christmas carols in the middle of summer and I honestly believe ALL Christmas movies can be watched year round! The season is filled with such joy, music and delicious culinary treats. So many things to look forward to! Anywho, it is just nice to share some of my excitement about this business as I continue to make more progress and I begin seeing the fruits of my labor. Thank you for reading today and I look forward to reading your comments and feedback- please let me know what you think of these! I will be posting again within the next several days. Make it a fabulously blessed day!

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